The Prime of Your Life is NOW!

Adults have a tendency to put off things. Things such as not using the good china except on holidays, buying tools for that project you never get around to starting, and the list keeps going. However, having the smile you have always wanted should not be one of those things. Your smile says so much about you, and the longer you wait to address the issues you may be having with your teeth, the shorter the time to enjoy having your smile the way you want.

At Hatcher Orthodontics, about 40% of our practice is adults. We see children, young adults, and a lot of older adults. We have even had a few patients in their 80’s. Orthodontic treatment can be necessary at any age and for many different reasons. Younger children can benefit from addressing growth or crowding and spacing issues. With adults, orthodontic treatment can address making space for missing teeth replacement, crowding, or if retainers were not worn after previous treatment. It can also be necessary if hygiene becomes a problem due to crowding or if gums are being worn away due to deep bites. The good news is there are so many different options available for orthodontic treatment now. In the past, it was always metal brackets and/or bands around every tooth. Now there are tiny metal brackets, clear brackets, and Invisalign (a series of removable trays that align teeth).

We treat many adult patients and there is never a charge for the initial consultation. The investment in a great smile is always worth the effort – and most adults only regret not taking the steps toward that great smile sooner.
Remember – The Prime of Your Life can be ANY AGE you want it to be. So if you are waiting for the Prime of Your Life to achieve a Great Smile, the Prime of Your Life is NOW!

“Most smiles are started by another smile.”
~Author Unknown


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