Day of Rest


                                                           Photo By Artem Popov 

Relaxation…”what is this word?”, some of you may be asking.  It is a time where we take a break from our crazy lives,  to do absolutely NOTHING.  I know this concept can be scary for some of us but relaxing is good for your mind and body.

“Sometimes we all need a reminder to take a deep breath, shift our eyes from the LED screen and re-examine the world around us. As a millennial—a member of the generation everyone says is always glued to his or her devices—I can attest to the sometimes exhausting energy it takes to be “on” all the time while being plugged in to social networking.” ~Mike Montano

Today is National Relaxation Day so schedule part of your time today to RELAX!!  You only have one rule to follow: Avoid stressful activities.

Take time to let your mind rest and your body heal.  Do a little dreaming if you dare. Reflect on the things that are important. Take time for yourself so you can appreciate all the things that are good in life.


Our Ideas for Relaxing:

Do nothing

Take a long walk

Take pictures of wildlife

Spend time at the beach


Float in the pool

Read a book

Spend time with pets

Have  a picnic

Listen to music

Go to a movie

Chill with family/friends

Go Fishing


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