Self Motivation


Motivation: initiative to undertake or continue a task or activity without another’s prodding or supervision.  A self-motivated person can be more creative, have better focus, and accomplish bigger goals.  People who are really self-motivated produce the quality of work that only a passionate person can.  So how do you motivate yourself?  How can you be the type of person who is excited about work, goals, and other projects?  And how do you keep yourself motivated to accomplish those goals?

The first step to becoming self-motivated is to know what you want to be motivated about.  It’s almost impossible to be motivated for some undefined thing.  You need to have a set goal.  Once you have a concrete goal then you need to define a clear and actionable path to your goal.  Work out plans of action with smaller and smaller sub-goals until you arrive at a plan that you can start working on now.  Knowing you have a solid plan will do wonderful things for your motivation and your productivity.  

It can be useful to make your goals and sub-goals fit the SMART criteria.  That is goals should be:

                      S Specific- make each goal specific, so you know exactly what it is.

                      M Measurable- make each goal measurable so you know how you are progressing.

                      A Attainable- dont set impossible goals, make sure each goal and sub-goal is attainable.

                      R Relevant- ensure your sub-goals are relevant to your life goals.

                      T Timed- set time limits or deadlines for when to achieve each goal.


There isn’t one simple reason for why we lose our motivation.  Even if we know our goals thoroughly and have planned step-by-step actions for how to achieve them, there are always factors beyond our control that can accelerate feelings of burning out.  Many of us have goals that we’re really excited about, but sometimes it can feel like those goals are just fantasies that will never happen, and that’s when every ounce of motivation disappears.  Tracking progress will help you believe in yourself, which will increase your motivation levels enormously.  Measure, track, and celebrate every step towards your goal.  There is nothing more motivating than watching yourself make real progress towards something you want, even if that progress is slow or difficult.  


See how self motivated you are:




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