Need an Interest Free Loan for Braces?

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The vast majority of us require financing options to purchase a car, a home, or braces for us or for our kids.  Getting an interest free loan when buying a car or home is impossible to imagine.  Luckily though, no-interest financing is a possibility with braces.

No-interest financing offered by an orthodontic office means that you are getting your orthodontic treatment more affordably.  For example, if a $5,000 orthodontic treatment was financed like a car over 24 months, the total amount paid would be $5,300 (at 6% interest).  However, if your orthodontist offers you no-interest financing, the office is actually paying that $300 of interest for you.  That’s an amazing deal!

The biggest costs associated with your orthodontic care take place right at the beginning of treatment.  The initial models, photographs, x-rays, the diagnosis and treatment plan, and the braces or Invisalign aligners are about 25-35% of the total cost to an orthodontic practice.  So, in the above $5,000 case, a typical down payment might be anywhere from $1,250 to $1,750 to cover the office’s initial startup treatment costs.  Any down payment less than 25-35% of the fee is additional financial assistance that an orthodontic practice extends to families to help them get started with treatment.

At Hatcher Orthodontics we want to offer each of our patients the best payment arrangements available for your situation.  Some patients choose to pay their entire fee up front in exchange for a discount.  Most families choose an arrangement combining a reasonable down payment with regular interest-free monthly payments.  We are able to offer some level of financing to our patients no matter their credit history.  Our flexible financial arrangements will allow you or your child to have a beautiful and healthy smile for a life time.


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